Monday, April 20, 2009

even more even more even more even more even more even more of the story

you did. yeah. lets go check. i think there behind that wall. [ roar! ] [ ghoul boss ] you tupid ghoul! hey i heard something! what! is it logan. i said i heard something. i think it came from over there. [ evil misic ]

more more more more more more more more even even more of the story

ahhhhhhhh! what is it. it's my nails they are so ugly! it looks like I'm bleeding from my nails!
shhhhhhhh! it's the ghouls. see i told you they would be in this volcano. lets attack [ zap! ]
dang it. what. i missed a ghoul. and now they know where we are. [roar! ] ahhh! more ghouls! it's time my nails show off. hey stupid ghouls look at my nails! [ roar! ] yay there running away! no they just hid. how do you know. because i saw them hide behind a wall.

more more more more more and even more of the story

hey look it's a volcano i think that's it think that's it just because it's big. hello it's big and the ghouls would pick the biggest one. maybe there might be a bigger one. that is hidden
somewhere. guys lets just check there to make sure. wait I'm painting my nails. with markers.
yes i'm painting my nails black with red stripes on it to look like blood. you think that will scare the ghouls. yes it scares me to even look at my nails.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

more more and more of the story

hey this isn't so scary after all it's beautiful in this volcano it's like ... heaven.
keep dreaming where not even there yet. was i a sleep. yeah fast a sleep man i couldent even go to sleep. and i think it's no fair that you got to sleep faster now i'm going to get in trouble from my mom if i tell her because i lied and told my mom that i can sleep faster then anyone.
and my mom grounds me if i lie.

even more of the story

so they get sent to destroy the ghouls machine that turns people into ghouls.
and the hideout is in the volcano of doom [ evil misic ] uh i don't know if i can go in there.
because my mom doesn't like me to go to places that scare me. then your friends will have to do it. wait i guess i can break my moms rules for this quest.

more of the story

headmaster says you are!... ... ... ... not fired. you guys are Lucky I'm giving you an other chance.
but if you fail one more time you are going to get fired

a funny story

can i smell burning i look over behind the wall there is ghouls! with my friends we attack the ghouls they look behind there shoulders and try to pack a pile with there food hoping it will keep the wizards busy eating and it works! and so the wizards stop and eat the ghouls sneak away.
when they go back to the commons. the headmaster was not happy that they stop and eat food then do a quest.

storm hound

you need the pet too have this move.

fire dragon

my mom calling a fire dragon.

even more about this awesome game

bad guys can be ghosts or pirates ghouls and cyclopes and fairy's and sometimes can be humans.
there is an arena where you fight other people in the world.
when your not in the arena all is you see are wizards wizards and more wizards.
as you follow the quests there will be arrows pointing where you have to go. but as soon as you do a couple of quests it wont be there but is you click on a quest there will be an arrow it will tell you what directions you go and how far away you you are from the place you have to go to.
and if you get lost you look at your book and there will be a picture of a map on your right and click on the picture of the map and it will show you where you are.

more about this awesome game

if you make a wizard you can use cool spells. and if you run out of health you will not loose anything you will just start back by the headmaster's house.
and like what i said earlier i hope you have fun.


an awesome game

this awesome game is called wizard 101.
and it's so famous that there is more then one million poeple that play it and when or if you want too play this awesome game. i hope you like it